The idea behind PhotoConsent

As a photographer I have since the personal data regulation entered into force in 2018 spent a lot of time getting to grips with it with consent for photography. I deliver images to businesses, and my customers expect me to live up to GDPR legislation.

Since it is extensive to catch up and organize consents, from the ones I photograph, I developed a tool to easily obtain and archive consent under the law.

My experience is that all of those I photograph accept the consent without reservation. Some of course have questions, so I always review the consent of them. My customers greatly appreciate that I take this responsibility and also obtain consent for their behalf. At the same time, it signals that I have order in the cases. Customers pay for the service, and over the last 12 months I have collected about 600 consents for photography.

Following inquiries from many photographers, I have in collaboration with a web agency and a law firm have completed PhotoConsent, so that all photographers can use it and thus get proper control of it with consents for photography.

If you have any questions about how PhotoConsent works or how you use it and present it to your customers, please feel free to contact me at