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How do I obtain consent with PhotoConsent?

Your consent has a unique link that you can send to those who must give or obtain consent. You can save the link to your tablet or smartphone so you always have it at your fingertips. Others can obtain consent but only the person with the login to PhotoConsent can see the obtained consents.

Can I obtain the consent of several at the same time?

Yes, consent is a link that you can send to several at the same time. Anyone with the link can give or obtain consent. The consents of PhotoConsent also have a QR code which can be used to share the consents. So more people can give consent on their own smartphone using the QR code.

Do I need to obtain consent for all types of photos?

No. Only some photos that require consent. See Consent Guide

How does the "selfie" feature work?

The selfie feature lets you attach a photo when you give consent to, for example, a smartphone. This allows you to identify the person who has given consent.

How do I know which consents belong to which photos?

A PhotoConsent consent contains the name and date of the photo shoot, as well as a unique reference number that you can “tag” your photos with in your archive. You also have the option of tagging the attached a photo/selfie to the consent.

Can I correct a consent that has been obtained?

NO. If there is a change in, for example, the purpose of photography or the use of photo, it requires a new consent from the photographer, which you can easily obtain via PhotoConsent.

Can I correct a created consent?

Yes, you can correct the date of photography or purpose of photographing before you obtain the consent.

Can I use the consents outside the EU?

No the consents in PhotoConsent are formulated according to the GDPR, which apply within the EU

Should I obtain consent if I use models from a modeling agency?

No. You have a contract with the agency that you can use their models so it is the agency that has to consent to the models.

How is the person giving consent informed of his rights?

When giving consent in PhotoConsent, you receive an email with the consent containing the statutory information.

Can I obtain consent on a phone with Android?

Yes, the link works for all operating systems.

Can I download consents from PhotoConsent

Yes, you can download each consent, but to comply with GDPR, we recommend that you use PhotoConsent to store your consents. There is no need to download them.

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